Holiday Safety for Dogs

Your Christmas tree is lit, your home is adorned with decor and you’re all set to celebrate the holiday season. But did you know that some of your holiday decor may be a hazard for your dog?

Here are three hazards to be aware of this holiday season:

Holiday Plants:

-Christmas tree water: the bacteria in the water is toxic to dogs.


-Mistletoe and holly can cause intestinal distress

-Pine needles from a Christmas tree or wreath can produce oral irritation, vomiting, diarrhea

Potential Dangers:

-Low hanging ornaments are a danger to dogs (especially puppies) who are prone to chewing.

-New puppy parents should beware electrical cords from holiday lights. Puppies are prone to chewing, and cords always look like fun. Electric shock from the cords could lead to burns in the mouth and even cardiac arrest.

-Ribbons, tinsel, and other types of decoration can be dangerous if ingested. Rope-like decoration, if swallowed, can cut up the intestinal tract.

Food Dangers:

-Cooked bones from a turkey or chicken, while they look like a delicious snack for the pup, are brittle and are not safe for dogs to consume. They can cause perforations in the stomach and intestinal tract if ingested.

-Keep holiday treats away from the dogs. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is toxic to dogs, and sugary cookies or candy increase a dog’s blood sugar level which can make a dog sick.

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