Dog Training Do’s and Don’ts

Training your dog can be a large undertaking but so rewarding for both you and your pup. Training is also a great way to bond and build a good relationship between you and your furry companion. If you are looking to start training your new puppy, or re-training an older dog, Three Dog Bakery provides information and tips to help you and your pup! 

Why Should I Train My Dog?

Teaching your dog proper training is important for you both to have a great life. Training can build confidence for you and your dog and can provide mental stimulation for your dog. Since dogs have no concept of right or wrong, it is up to good dog owners to teach their dogs what is “right.” Obedience will go a long way and gives you both the freedom to do the things you both want to do. 

How Does My Dog Learn?

Dogs learn through reward-based training, meaning they seek rewards in food, toys, or praise. If your dog likes certain treats or toys, they will be more susceptible to their training. When they are rewarded after doing a good job with a particular behavior, they are more likely to repeat that behavior. 

Some Dos and Don’ts for Dog Training

  • Do reduce distractions by always starting lessons for new tricks in a quiet room in your house. 
  • Don’t repeat the same command over and over to your dog until they execute it. Your dog should understand you very early. But if not, be patient so that you don’t overuse the command and confuse your pup.
  • Do break training up into short sessions so your dog isn’t overwhelmed but keep your sessions frequent.
  • Don’t deceive your dog. Do not shower your dog with praise just to bring him to you and then punish your dog because they have misbehaved.
  • Do teach your dog one command at a time. More than one command can easily confuse even the cleverest dog.
  • Don’t lose patience. All dogs and even different breeds learn at different paces so don’t worry if your dog doesn’t pick things up straight away.
  • Do have fun! Training is a great way for you to bond with your dog!


Three Dog Bakery

The best method used when learning how to train a puppy or dog, and the most successful amongst professional trainers is a rewards-based, positive training technique. A reward could be many things, but most importantly, it must be something a puppy or dog values as worthy enough to do, in order to receive the reward. Pick up treats, toys, and anything you need to help with your training at Three Dog Bakery.

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